Commit 1456666a authored by Giulia Biagioni's avatar Giulia Biagioni
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remove the property ic-s2:leakBehaviourDetail

remove the property ic-s2:leakBehaviourDetail
parent 8452a71e
......@@ -1193,12 +1193,6 @@ ic-s2:isInterruptible
rdfs:label "is interruptible" ;
rdfs:range xsd:boolean ;
a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
rdfs:comment "Additional Information about the leakage behaviour of the storage, buffer ..." ;
rdfs:domain ic-s2:Storage ;
rdfs:label "Leak Behaviour Detail" ;
a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
rdfs:comment "Indicates how fast the momentary fill level will decrease per second due to leakage within the given range of the fill level." ;
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