Commit 6c6ddff9 authored by Giulia Biagioni's avatar Giulia Biagioni
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removal property demanratevalue

removal of property demandratevalue
parent bb1ce94f
......@@ -658,12 +658,6 @@ ic-s2:demandRateUpperLimit
rdfs:range xsd:integer ;
rdfs:subPropertyOf ic-s2:hasDemandRateForecastValues ;
a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
rdfs:comment "Present Demand Rate that needs to be satisfied by the system" ;
rdfs:label "Demand Rate" ;
rdfs:range xsd:integer ;
a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
rdfs:comment "The upper limit of the range with a 95 % probability that the demand rate is within that range" ;
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