Commit fc8bafbd authored by Giulia Biagioni's avatar Giulia Biagioni
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removal of virtual device abd property haslimitRange

Removal of class virtual device and property haslimitrange (substitued by allowedlimitrange)
parent 016841be
......@@ -461,7 +461,6 @@ ic-s2:ReceptionStatusValue
a owl:Class ;
rdfs:label "Resource Manager" ;
rdfs:subClassOf ic-s2:VirtualDevice ;
rdfs:subClassOf [
a owl:Restriction ;
owl:minQualifiedCardinality "1"^^xsd:nonNegativeInteger ;
......@@ -546,12 +545,6 @@ ic-s2:VANISH
rdfs:comment "The load or generation that is limited will vanish. This is for example the case with curtailing production from solar panels; the potentially generated energy is lost and will never reappear." ;
rdfs:label "vanish" ;
a owl:Class ;
rdfs:comment "type of device that is not smart appliances device for example ResourceManager" ;
rdfs:label "Virtual Device" ;
rdfs:subClassOf owl:Thing ;
a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
rdfs:comment "Indicates if this is an instruction during an abnormal condition" ;
......@@ -868,12 +861,6 @@ ic-s2:hasLeakageBehaviourElement
rdfs:label "has leakage behaviour element" ;
rdfs:range ic-s2:LeakageBehaviourElement ;
a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
rdfs:comment "The actual constraints. There shall be at least one PEBC.AllowedLimitRange for the UPPER_LIMIT and at least one AlloedLimitRange for the LOWER_LIMIT. It is allowed to have multiple PEBC.AllowedLimitRange objects with identical CommodityQuantities and LimitTypes." ;
rdfs:domain ic-s2:PowerConstraints ;
rdfs:label "Limit Range" ;
a owl:ObjectProperty ;
rdfs:domain ic-s2:PowerConstraints ;
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