1. 20 May, 2022 4 commits
  2. 17 May, 2022 1 commit
  3. 13 May, 2022 3 commits
  4. 12 May, 2022 1 commit
  5. 10 May, 2022 1 commit
  6. 06 May, 2022 3 commits
  7. 02 May, 2022 1 commit
  8. 29 Apr, 2022 3 commits
  9. 28 Apr, 2022 4 commits
  10. 26 Apr, 2022 4 commits
  11. 22 Apr, 2022 2 commits
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      update ontology topology · 2ea99b86
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      removal of the class ACMeasurementPhaseDifference  according to our latest conceptualization of voltage. n.b we still have the conceptualization of 'acmeasurementphasedifference' which is ic-tplg:ACMeasurementPhase. - removal of the individual of acmeasurementphasedifference according to our latest conceptualization
      -removal of long series of blank nodes with restrictions (erroneously produced by protege in the script file)
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      change in the diagram · bcb3b394
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      change in the diagram. Alignment  with the latest conceptualization of voltage
  12. 21 Apr, 2022 1 commit
  13. 08 Apr, 2022 4 commits
  14. 06 Apr, 2022 3 commits
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      update ic-dev · 2b946af3
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      typo correction
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      update s2 · a4050f93
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      change of datatypeproperties in object properties (in time ontology, interval is a class)
      removal of suproperties relationships because of conflicting range domain with the superproperties
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      update s3 · d151e89e
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      device_3 example individual removal
      removal of a duplicate property (we have that conceptualization in hasoperationmode)
  15. 05 Apr, 2022 5 commits
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      update ic-flex · 86fc6ee2
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      ic-flex ttl file in line with the latest conceptualization
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      instantiation of om:hasprefix as ovjectproperty · 90f82880
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      -	I have internally (in the ttl file) re-defined om:hasprefix because it was giving an error.
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      update ic-user · 26721a65
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      -	I added the objectproperties includescommand and concernsdevice. They were not present in the ttl model.
      -	I removed the restriction on user profile at the level of the preference. We already use the domain and range on preference.
      -	I added the object property belongstouser (which was present in the diagram but not in the model).
      -	I added the objectproperty hasLocation
      - I put a restriction on the class preference.
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      update diagram topology · 980a7a85
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      -	In the diagram, I have added the class measurement phase difference and the instances of this class (which were defined in the model).
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      update ic-topology · eb7664a5
      Giulia Biagioni authored
      -	In the ttl file, schema:place and acmeasurementphase were defined as subclasses of topological location. However, in the diagram and examples they are not subclasses of topology. So I moved their position to classes in the ttl.file
      -	I have inserted distance as the subclass of topological location (we use distance in the example and is conceptualized in the diagram)
      -	I have added a basic comment to acmeasurementphase
      -	I added a comment on voltage
      -	I defined the object property haspoint. I put a domain range restriction on this property.
      -	I defined the property isInsubgridOf with a domain on Device
      -	I changed the name of the property hasMeasurementphase to hasACphase (as defined in the diagram).  I removed the domain (device) from this property since it is used also for GridSegment
      -	I defined the property isinACphase
      -	I defined the property ISACPhaseof
      -	I defined the property hasACphase
      -	I defined the class ACPhaseName
      -	I instantited the individuals of ACPhaseName
      -	I defined the objectproperty is topological association of
      -	I defined the object property hasphasename