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RECAP Preterm WP7 Extreme Preterm Demonstration Project - Harmonisation Tutorial

Welcome to the harmonisation tutorial for the WP7 demonstration project on extremely preterm birth cohorts in Europe participating in the RECAP Preterm consortium!

This tutorial will guide you through the process of importing data to your own node and harmonising the variables to comply with the harmonisation dictionary designed for the WP7 demo project.

Part A - Creating the Necessary User Accounts

  1. Create a New Account for the Central Node
  2. Create a New Account for the DataSHIELD Analysis
  3. Inform the WP4 Team

Part B - Importing Data into Your Node

  1. Download your cohort's dictionaries from the Central Node
  2. Import Data into Your Node
  3. Grant Access to the Central Node's Account

Part C - Harmonising Your Data for the WP7 Demo Project

  1. Upload the Harmonisation Dictionary
  2. Create a View over Your Original Table
  3. Grant the Central Node and the Analysis Team Access to the Harmonised View
  4. Harmonise Each Variable

Second Round Harmonisation

The work presented herein was made possible by funding from the RECAP preterm project (H2020-EU.3.1.1 - Grant ID: 733280) and the use of the OBiBa suite (a software suite developed for Maelstrom Research).